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Wellbeing Team

Sean Edwards

Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP)

Sean Edwards is a New Zealand Registered Psychologist. Sean’s formative years were in South Africa, and he moved to New Zealand in 1995. Sean had a very successful career in finance before recently switching to the health sector. Sean completed a Master of Health Science in counselling through AUT University in 2018 and an MBA from Melbourne University. Sean’s passion is aligned with his Health Improvement Practitioner role at Crawford Medical Centre. Sean provides 30-minute sessions offering support, education, and strategies for daily meaningful living. These impacts can range from A to Z stresses like anxiety, low mood, grief, workplace challenges, burnout, relationship matters, parenting, and addictions. Sean has extensive experience with grief/bereavement and trauma, having volunteered for Victim Support services over the last ten years. 

Sarah Kennedy

Health Coach (HC)

Sarah Kennedy is an Associate Registered Nutritionist, who has graduated from The University of Auckland with a BSc Food Science and Nutrition (Nutrition Pathway). She is a local herself, having grown up in South and East Auckland, and has always had a passion for health and wellbeing. Sarah has been involved in competitive sport from a young age, and had the opportunity to represent New Zealand overseas for aerobics gymnastics. She is looking forward to using her skills and knowledge in the clinic and working with people interested in improving their wellbeing

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