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Covid Updates

Updated at 29 June 2022

Crawford provides supervised RAT testing as per Ministry of Health guidelines.  We can test  if you have symptoms.  If you need a RAT test for travel, a court appointment, or for another medical appointment like the dentist you can ask at a pharmacy or please call us to book a RAT test on 09 538 0083.

NOTE:  The volume of positive cases is too high for our team to reach every patient so we will focus on those who are most unwell.  Please check the links below on how to manage mild to moderate Covid-19 at home – but please call us if you need help 09 538 0083

COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters

Please Click here for more information about COVID-19 Vaccines.  If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 you must wait three months before having a Covid-19 vaccine.

Boosters: If you’re aged 18 and over, and you completed your primary vaccination course at least 3 months ago, you’re eligible for a booster.

If you’re aged 16 or 17, and you completed your primary vaccination course at least 6 months ago, you’re eligible for a booster, only Pfizer is approved for this age group.

Second Boosters: Are Now Available 
These are availabe to all people over 50 years old and health, aged care and disability workers over 30 years.

A Second Booster is recommended for those who are immuno-compromised and at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 – a minimum 6 months after the first booster.

Priority groups include
 -people aged over 65 years
-Maori and Pacific peoples aged 50 years and over
-Residents of aged care and disability facilities
-Severely immunocompromised people who received three-dose primary course and fourth dose as a first     booster (nothing this would be a 5th dose for these people)
-People aged 16 years and over who have a medical condition that increases their risk of severe         breakthrough COVID-19 illness
-people aged 16 and over who live with disability or complex health needs or multiple co-morbidities


Flu Vaccines are now available – phone to book or ask for a flu shot when you are in the clinic.

What to do if you test positive for Covid-19

If you test positive for Covid-19 the Crawford team will be here to support you.  BUT note that the volume of positive cases is already very high and we may not be able to reach every patient who tests positive as we will focus our attention on those who are most unwell.  Please do call us if you need help 09 538 0083.  Remember the vast majority of Covid-19 is mild and can be well managed at home by following the info in the links below.  

Isolating at Home with Covid-19 in Auckland

Covid-19 Positive – What symptoms can I expect?

Covid-19 Positive – When to get help

Covid-19 Positive – How to manage your symptoms

Covid-19 and your medicines

Covid-19 and pregnancy

Positions to make your breathing easier

Physical activity and exercise after Covid-19

Covid-19 apps to support your mental health and wellbeing

When our clinic is closed you can call the Covid-19 Healthline 0800 358 5453 or dial 111 for an ambulance.

Vaccine Exemptions

Vaccine Exemptions are not issued by GPs.  Click here to be redirected to the Ministry of Health website for advice on the process.  If you meet the clinical criteria, your GP will complete a form for you, and you email this form to the Director-General of Health as part of your application for a temporary exemption.  Note that there are very few people who are eligible as there are very tight criteria.

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