Nurse Services

We have a very culturally diverse and experienced nursing team. We offer a comprehensive nursing service including Community Nurse Prescriber, immunisations, phlebotomy, Aclasta, IV Antibiotics, wound management, Spirometry & 24hour blood pressure monitoring to name just a few. We provide specialist nursing clinics such as “Partners in Health” which focus on chronic care management and we have 7 specialist nurse smear takers.

Nurses at Crawford Medical - Howick

Cervical Smear Tests

Cervical smear tests are very important for all woman aged 20-69 years who have ever been sexually active. New Zealand currently has 60 woman a year who die from cervical cancer. A 3 yearly smear test reduces your risk by 90.8%. At times you may be recommended to have a test more frequently. Crawford Medical offers you the option of checking your patient portal to see when you are due for your smear test and/or our nursing team will remind you by text.

Our Nurses can offer appointments for your smear tests.

Please ring reception on 09 538 0083 for an appointment. Or you may choose to book a GP appointment.
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