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GP Consultations

Children's Health

Children's Health

We walk with your children through all of their development milestones and until late puberty.

Travel Medical - Travel Doctor - Travel Advice

Women's Health

Many of our Doctors are well trained in looking after specific healthcare needs for women.

Men's Health

Men's Health

We offer regular medical check-ups to help men stay healthy and are essential for chronic disease prevention.

Vaccinations Howick


We offer vaccinations for all ages, including children, for common diseases of childhood.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Our services include a thorough clinical assessment by specialised doctors and mental health professionals.

Crawford ACC Services

ACC Services

Our trained doctors are highly experienced in all aspects of emergency medicine.

Crawford ECG Services

ECG - Electrocardiogram Services

Our clinic provides patients with ECG (electrocardiogram) non-invasive heart investigations.

Wound care and dressings

Wound Care & Dressing Services

We use the latest in modern wound dressing products according to international and national standards.

Minor Surgeries

Minor Surgeries

We can perform many minor surgery operations in our very own operating theatre with modern equipment.

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