Before you Hybernate for the Winter!

Before you Hybernate for the Winter!

Know the ABCD Warning Signs of Melanoma.

If you have any of the following you need to act and get them assessed.

A for Asymmetry – the two halves of the mole are not equal.

B for Border – the mole border is uneven

C for Colour – the mole has a variety of colours

D for Diameter – Malignant moles tend to be larger

E for Evolving – be on the look out for moles that are changing or evolving – changing in size, shape, colour, bleeding, the amount they are raised off the skin and also itching or crusting can point to an issue that needs to be checked.

If you are worried – Gigi our Melanographer can provide a Skin Check or Mole Map.

Melanoma is an increasingly public health problem in New Zealand, with the incidence of malignant melanoma rising at an alarming rate. With prognosis in melanoma directly relative to the depth of the lesion, monitoring and early detection is critical to save lives. If you are diagnosed with melanoma in its early phase have an almost 100% survival rate.

To make an accurate diagnosis of melanoma, the clinician needs to recognise the clinical features of early melanomas and differentiate melanomas from other common pigmented lesions and recognise other abnormal or atypical lesions which is associated with melanomas.

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