Introducing the Crawford Skin Clinic


Summer is here and the Crawford Specialist Centre offers a range of services for those concerned about a specific mole, or those who want either peace of mind for detection of lesions or access to advanced monitoring services.

Two service options are available:

  1. Full body molemap (Appointment time: 60 minutes)
  2. Skin check (Appointment time: 20 minutes)




Full body molemap (Appointment time: 60 minutes)

The full body mole mapping option is recommended for:

  1. those with a personal or family history of skin cancer,

  2. a high mole count number or

  3. other factors identified and referred by their doctor.

The full body molemap is done by our melanographer, Gigi Kwok. A head-to-toe check is completed and significant moles are identified and imaged for specialist diagnosis. This monitoring service helps to identify subtle changes to detect malignancies earlier.

A full body skin check is also recommended, for any patients who are having their skin check first time.

Follow up molemap (Appointment time: 30 minutes)

The follow-up mole mapping option is for those who had been for a molemap at Crawford Specialist Centre and are returning for a follow up visit.

This service offers a review of previously identified lesions as well as a head-to-toe check to identify new moles.

  1. Skin check (Appointment time: 20 minutes)

The skin check option is for those who are wanting peace of mind.

The melanographer will perform a thorough head-to-toe skin check and identify lesions of concern for further treatment/consultation with your own doctor.

Liquid nitrogen clinic (Appointment time: 20 minutes)

The liquid nitrogen clinic is for those who are wanting a session of treatment for multiple lesions on their body with liquid nitrogen. Your lesions will be reviewed by our melanographer and the suitability of liquid nitrogen treatment will be determined.