How to Sign Up for a Covid-19 Vaccination Record Account

Covid 19 My Vaccination Record

The Covid-19 Vaccination Record is a new service that New Zealand has launched to allow individuals to store their Covid-19 vaccination records in one place. All Covid-19 vaccine recipients can use the Covid-19 Vaccination Record account, and the information stored within it is confidential.

This post explains how you can sign up for your own Covid-19 Vaccination Record account so that you can access your vaccination status.

Creating a Covid-19 Vaccination Record Account

To create a Covid-19 Vaccination Record account, you must provide your personal information. This includes your name, date of birth and contact details. You will also need one form of ID to confirm your identity. Accepted forms of ID are:

A New Zealand:

  • drivers license
  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • or citizenship certificate

Or an Australian:

  • passport
  • birth certificate

1. To get started, head over to and click the Sign up button:

Your Covid 19 Vaccination Record Sign Up

2. Click ‘Sign up with email’:

Sign Up With Email

3. You will need to read and agree to the My Health Privacy Policy and Terms of use, then click Start:

Accept terms of use

4. Enter your Email Address and click Send verification. Open up your email account and wait for a confirmation email to arrive in your Inbox.

Verify Email Address

5. You will receive an email with a six digit code. You may need to check your spam or junkmail folder if it does not appear in your Inbox.

Email address verification code

6. Enter the verification code in the box and then click Continue:

Enter verification code

7. The next step is to create a password. Make sure you use a strong password and one that you will remember:

Create a Strong Password

8. At this point you will now have a My Health Account. The next steps involve confirming your identity so that you can get access to your vaccination records. Click on My Health Account to go to the next phase.

My Health Account

9. At this stage you will need to provide an identity document. Click Continue:

Identity Continue

10. Choose an Identity Document from the drop down list:

Choose Identity Document

11. Enter your personal information for the identity document selected and then click Continue:

Identity Document - Enter Details

12. If your identity document is accepted, you will now have completed the sign up for My Covid Record. Your previous Covid-19 vaccination records should be showing on your page:

Covid Vaccination Record Complete

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