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How to Sign Up for a Covid-19 Vaccination Record Account

The Covid-19 Vaccination Record is a new service that New Zealand has launched to allow individuals to store their Covid-19 vaccination records in one place. All Covid-19 vaccine recipients can use the Covid-19 Vaccination Record account, and the information stored within it is confidential. This post explains how you can sign up for your own …

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Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches

Migraine is a neurological condition causing multiple signs and symptoms. It affects 20% of women and 6% of men at some point in their lives. Its causes remain largely unknown. Migraine is frequently characterised by severe, debilitating headaches that are usually on one side of the head. Migraines often run in families and can affect …

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Vaccination clinic open

Open for Vaccinations

Crawford Medical’s team of 17 dedicated and experienced nurses have vaccinated about 4300 patients, says practice manager Kate Donley. “There’s actually an oversupply of vaccines in the market right now, but we haven’t wasted a single one.” Crawford’s new and separate vaccination centre has been up and running for three weeks. The temporary clinic is …

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Bell House

Bell House

We have started renovations on the adjacent building at 31 Mellons Bay Road as an extension to the GP clinic.  We hope to be up and running from our ‘Bell House’ from early 2022, in a modern contemporary environment.  The carparks will be joined for free flow between the two buildings.  We look forward to …

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