Ear Health

 Crawford Medical provides ear wax removal and ear suction.  Our qualified Ear Nurse also specialises in Tinnitus, ear infection/discharge and hearing loss.  Contact us to book an appointment today

A qualified ear nurse is available to offer an ear wax removal service using a microscope and low-pressure suction
technology.  Our Ear Nurse is ACC registered. The service includes removal of foreign objects, ear wax, Tinnitus, ear infection/discharge, hearing loss and unsettled perforation.

Clinics are now open five days a week, having been extended to Saturday mornings. Please call us on 09 538 0083 for all your ear health requirements and related ear problems.
Visit our ear health website
to make an appointment.

We have recently moved our specialist clinic which is 12 Picton street adjacent the reserve and to our right.

 Crawford Medical's Ear Specialist Service is located on 12 Picton Street.  Contact us today to book an appointment with our Ear Specialists.